Easter sign 3 in the middle of Sundown Adventureland

Eggbert’s Easter Egg Hunt has been great fun so far with loads of families sharing their pictures with us and telling us how fiendish some of the clues are when they are trying to solve the puzzle.

But the chocolatey prize at the end is well worth the effort and getting great reviews from our guests too. In our opinion, chocolate always tastes nicer if you have to work a little for it.

The whole park has been decorated with an Easter theme and the trail to find all the clues takes you to some of the different rides and attractions where they have been hidden.

The event runs until the end of Sunday 14th April, so we’d love to see you before it finishes!

And, one thing we can tell you as parents is that even if you don’t manage to solve the whole puzzle, you can still have the chocolate at the end anyway because otherwise we will end up eating it all ourselves and the dentist would Lynch us if we did that.

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Here are some pictures of the event so far from our lovely guests.