To help you understand how Sundown Adventureland can support you with Learning Outside the Classroom we have some useful Q & A’s:

1. How would you describe the venue with a focus on the education visitor?

A well established, all-weather theme park uniquely designed for children under the age of ten with rides, adventure play areas, themed entertainment and now with the recent addition of an indoor Jungle themed play area. Educational visits are now an integral part of the school routine; we recognize the need to give children who visit the Park an educational experience as well as a fun day out. We believe we have achieved this by focusing on the aim to develop understanding and knowledge through the interaction and participation of our imaginative and stimulating educational activity packs covering ‘the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage (age 3-4) and ‘Reception Year’ (age 4-5) as well as Key Stage 1 & 2

2. Please summarize why you are great for educational visits?

The venue has been loved by children for generations, bringing to life the stories told both at school; and by parents at home. The aim of our educational tasks which are linked solely to the themes and attractions in the Park is to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of the children, giving them the opportunity to use their imagination in surroundings that that they will be more than comfortable with and leaving them with a memorable, enjoyable and informative educational visit. The Park is unique in that it offers both traditional and modern themes with the emphasis being mainly on the former.

3. What does a typical educational visit include? Are there various options, for instance for different key stages, or for different curriculum topics?

Our imaginative and stimulating educational activity packs covering ‘the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage (age 3-4) and ‘Reception Year’ (age 4-5), as well as Key Stage 1 & 2, have been designed to develop the communication, thinking and social skills of the children. Topics range in diversity from Nursery Rhymes to protecting the Rainforest at Foundation Stage, the Witches Cauldron to Cinderella at Key Stage 1 and finally Poster Madness to My Pirate Character at Key Stage 2.

3A. What group sizes do you cater for?

We have the staff and facilities to cater for groups of all sizes.

4. Do you provide projects, teacher’s packs, worksheets or any other useful information? Are these linked to specific sections of the curriculum or key stages? Who was involved in developing these? Can you provide samples to teachers before they visit?

Our three educational activity packs covering the national curriculum Foundation Stage and ‘Reception Year’ as well as Key Stage 1 & 2 were developed and evaluated in conjunction with experienced teachers and can be downloaded via the groups enquiry form and incorporate the worksheets and all the information and links required for the planning of the visit from start to finish.

5. Are you happy for children to take photos, video or audio if appropriate? Are then any copyright restrictions?

We have no policy in force restricting the children taking photographs, video or audio. The Sundown education packs are subject to copyright and must not be reproduced without permission.

6. What is your process for booking pre-arranged risk assessments? Do you provide risk assessments for the teachers?

For booking pre-arranged risk assessments and the provision of risk assessments for teachers please email:

or telephone 01777 248274

7. Does your venue have an education officer? What is their name and contact details.

Our education team is happy to assist with your particular requirements and organize a special day to meet your needs. Please email our Learning and Access Office, at email:

8. What is the cost: of the visit. For instance for each child or adult or group. Are there any group discounts? Does a supervising adult go free, for instance with every 10 children?

Group Bookings of 20+ £11.50 each child under 90cm is free (must be pre-booked)

Term Time is as the Nottinghamshire County Council Listings For School Holidays 201/13

9. Is specific clothing required for the trip?

The theme park is open all year round so it is advisable to wear sensible clothing appropriate for the time of year of the visit.

10. Do you have first aid on site or will the group need to bring a qualified first aider?

There are first aid facilities on site.

11. Please list facilities available. Such as; shop, canteen, dining areas, how much pocket money do children need to bring for the shop and canteen. Are there facilities to eat a packed lunch?

You can buy food and drinks at the Rodeo Corral Indoor Play Area, Noah’s Ark

Under 5’s playground or sit and eat in the “Jungle” at “Crash Landings”

If you prefer, bring a picnic and sit and relax in the large picnic area near “Monkey Mischief”

Facilities are made available for the children to eat a packed lunch.

Try some homemade fudge in Mother Hubbard’s Kitchen and don’t forget the soft drinks, ice cream and other goodies that are on sale at various locations around the park.

To finish the day explore the Gift Shop and purchase a small memento to remind you in the future of a memorable day.

We have always prided ourselves on keeping our prices throughout the park at affordable levels and we do not charge a premium on any products sold, bearing this in mind, the children should have plenty of “change” from average pocket money levels.

12. What are your disabled facilities? Please say if the venue isn’t suitable for disabled children.

The venue is suitable for disabled children, the details of which are detailed extensively on our disabled access page which can be found under the useful info menu


Please see our Activity Packs page for further information.