At Sundown Adventureland, you already know we love Christmas, but this ride is extra special and only opens its magical doors at Christmas time. It’s the most festive ride you’ll ever ride and whisks you through magical Christmas scenes to meet Santa himself!

With your booking, you will have a timed slot for when you need to arrive at the ride. You can arrive at the park at whatever time you like, but you do need to stick to your booking time to see Santa. That way, you’ll have a full family day of fun, adventure and exploration and we can keep the queues small and the kids happy.

Entry to the ride is through the four seasons arena, where you can enjoy the entertainment while you wait and build your Christmassy excitement.

Ride Safety Instructions


This is a dark ride that travels gently through various Christmas scenes where you will see many well-known fairy tale characters getting ready for Christmas.

There are no strobe effects or flashing lights used around the ride.

Please note that flash photography is used when visiting Santa, should this be a problem please bring it to one of the Elves attention before seeing Santa.


  • Children under 120cm must be accompanied by a responsible person 16+
  • Maximum capacity 2 adults and 2 children. (No more than 2 adults in any one Sleigh)
  • Strictly no adults to be seated on the front 2 seats.
  • All height checks must be carried out with shoes on.
  • No pushchairs to be taken into the queuing area. Due to fire regulations (wheelchairs and assistance buggies are exempt)
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking whilst on the ride.
  • Guests must remain seated with arms and legs inside the Sleigh at all times.
  • Ensure all valuables are secure i.e. hats and glasses, and any loose garments are kept inside the Sleigh at all times.
  • Guests must follow ride operators instructions at all times.
  • Please ensure young children are restrained in case the sleigh comes to a sudden stop.
  • This ride is monitored by CCTV for the safety of all its passengers.


  • Guests must be able to remain seated in an upright position.
  • Wheelchairs can be taken up to the loading platform.
  • Wheelchair users must be able to get out of their wheelchair to ride and be accompanied by a carer to assist them to board and alight. (One step into carriage).
  • For safety reasons, this ride is not suitable for non-ambulant guests due to evacuation procedures.
  • Access for non-ambulant guests to enter Santa’s grotto is located near the exit of the ride.
  • See ride operators for details.

Ride Loading

These rules are set out by the manufacturer of this attraction and approved by other enforcement agencies to be able to comply with safety regulations