We have gathered together some of our favourite videos of our fabulous theme park for the Under 10’s on this page for everyone to enjoy. There’s so much to do on a day out with us that we love to see what families get up to when they enjoy playing together. Everyone’s day is completely different!

If you think yours could be good enough to make it onto this page, then please just upload it to YouTube and tag us on it in Facebook. We’ll have a look and load up the very best of them.

Theme Park Worldwide Vlog October 2020

This is such a positive review of our lovely theme park for kids. They’ve visited parks all over the world and had to ‘borrow’ a child to come and see us!

Sundown Adventureland – July 2018 by The Allen Family

We love this video it shows the kids laughing and smiling on the day that Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol came to visit. You can see their other videos here.