Sundown Fun Pass or Renewal

Any pass valid in 2020 will have 10 months added on in total (this does not include any added months from 2020). This covers all the months we have had to close due to lockdowns, giving you the time back to visit us in 2021!

On your first visit your pass will be re-printed with the new expiry date on so please bring your passes with you, you will be asked to leave your passes so this will be done when you’re on the park so you can collect them when you exit.

You will still need to pre-book in advance for entry at a £2 per person charge which can be either refunded back to you on exit of the park or for a voucher to spend on the park. No refunds will be given for no shows.

Fun pass prices will be:

£55 for a renewal

£60 for a new pass

Fun passes which are purchased in 2021 will not include a discounted Christmas visit.

However if you have a valid Christmas booking from 2021 which had to be cancelled and moved to this year due to the lockdown you will still get your visit this year. If you had a refund for your booking you will not be able to re-book your visit at the discounted cost.