The Monkey Mayhem Driving School is a chance for kids to drive their own jungle themed 4×4 mini monster trucks around our specially designed course. The cars are specially kid-sized and easy to drive, even for the smaller kids of 1.0m and above. They can steer around their friends and have full control of the car with pedals for stop and go. The battery-powered cars are super safe, super quiet and best of all super fun.

Beware, it’s like a jungle out there and this is the Monkey Mayhem Driving School, so expect lots of jungle and monkey based fun as they make their way around the specially designed track.

Ride Safety Instructions


Children must first watch an instructional video supervised by a responsible person 16+.

Upon leaving the video room, parents must not assist their children on the track.

A member of  staff will ensure that they are seated with their seatbelt fitted correctly.

The cars travel at a slow pace but can be bumped by other drivers whilst driving around the track.

If a child needs assistance at any time all they need to do is raise their hand.


  • Children must be over 100cm to ride. (Children must be measured with shoes on)
  • Children over 140cm cannot ride. (Children must be measured with shoes on)
  • All children must measure between 100cm and 140cm and be a minimum of 3 years of age.
  • A responsible person 16+ must accompany children whilst watching the instructional video before driving.
  • All height checks must be carried out with shoes on.
  • Children must be able to understand and follow instructions.
  • Maximum capacity 1 child between 110cm and 140cm per car.
  • No pushchairs to be taken into the queuing area. Due to fire regulations (wheelchairs and assistance buggies are exempt)
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking whilst on the ride.
  • Guests must remain seated and use restraints provided.
  • No loose garments such as scarfs that could become trapped under moving carriage.
  • No handheld luggage that would prevent riders from holding on with both hands.
  • Guests must follow ride operators instructions at all times.
  • This ride is monitored by CCTV for the safety of all its passengers.

Can I Ride?

  • Guests must have upper and lower body control and be able to hold on to hand holds with both hands and be able to use both brake/accelerator pedals.
  • Guests with fractures/broken limbs cannot ride.
  • Not suitable for guests with back and spinal conditions.
  • Not suitable for guests whose size does not allow the use of safety devices.
  • Guests with wheelchairs can access the video room without leaving their chair.

Ride Loading

These rules are set out by the manufacturer of this attraction and approved by other enforcement agencies to be able to comply with safety regulations