Ahoy there, Pirates off the starboard bow. Erm, and off the Port bow, oh, and behind you too (and maybe a few in front of you, if we’re entirely honest)

The Jolly Pirate Barrel Ride is a water-based barrel ride like no other. It’s a fab, fun and splashy ride into the unknown. You’ll meet the whole of the Sundown Pirate gang who are lying in wait, just around the next bend in the river to spring a few surprises and keep you on the lookout throughout the ride. It’s even more fun if you all try and spot them together. But beware, you may get a little wet!

Children have to be accompanied by an adult on this ride, so there’s no getting out of it. you just have to join in the fun and prepare for a soaking.

Ride Safety Instructions


You will board and disembark your Barrel whilst travelling on a conveyor system, if you have a problem with loading please speak to an operator beforehand.

Once you are seated the barrel will naturally rotate as it travels around the flume.

Please ensure that you remain seated at all times and do not swap seats.

We do our best to ensure the barrels are loaded and balanced as best we can, but at times they can rock a little.

Be aware there are several water sprayers around the flume, and you WILL get wet!


  • Children must be accompanied by a responsible person 16+
  • Maximum capacity 2 adults and 2 children. (No more than 2 adults in any one boat)
  • No pushchairs to be taken into the queuing area. Due to fire regulations. (wheelchairs and assistance buggies are exempt)
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking whilst on the ride.
  • Guests must remain seated with hands, arms and legs inside the boat at all times.
  • Ensure all valuables are secure i.e. hats and glasses, and any loose garments are kept inside the barrels at all times.
  • Guests must take extreme care when stepping in and out of the barrels as they are in constant motion at all times.
  • Guests must follow ride operators instructions at all times.
  • Please ensure young children are restrained at all times in case of sudden bumps.
  • This ride is monitored by CCTV for the safety of all its passengers.

Can I Ride?

  • Guests must be able to remain seated in an upright position.
  • Wheelchairs can be taken up to the loading platform.
  • Wheelchair users must be able to get out of their wheelchair to ride and be accompanied by a carer to assist them to board and alight.
  • We apologise that for safety reasons, this ride is not suitable for non-ambulant guests due to evacuation procedures.
  • Queue assist pass holders may access the ride via the exit.

Ride Loading

Jolly Pirates water Ride at Sundown Adventureland

These rules are set out by the manufacturer of this attraction and approved by other enforcement agencies to be able to comply with safety regulations

Jolly Pirates water Ride at Sundown Adventureland
Jolly Pirates water Ride at Sundown Adventureland Jolly Pirates water Ride at Sundown Adventureland