Nottsbus on Demand to Sundown Adventureland

Nottsbus on Demand is a network of connecting local bus services, helping to improve public transport links across Nottinghamshire. Nottsbus Connect provides feeder routes from local villages on to the main transport network at the centres of Gainsborough, Ollerton, Tuxford and Retford.

But best of all, you can ask it to stop at Sundown Adventureland.

Nottsbus on Demand doesn’t have a fixed route, our buses can travel anywhere between bus stops and designated points within the North Ollerton Zone, where there is not already a scheduled bus service running. The smart technology will match your journey with other customers travelling in the same direction so you can be picked up along the way.

With buses available to book between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday, Nottsbus On Demand offers a flexible way for you to reach your destination. Whether you’re travelling to work or planning a day out with family or friends, Nottsbus is the cheapest and most direct route.

To download the Nottsbus on Demand App, just scan this QR code with your phone. Or you can download the leaflet here.

Download the Nottsbus on Demand App to get to Sundown Adventureland