At Sundown, with 50 years of history behind us, as you can imagine, we get an awful lot of letters from people about their memories of their time with us through the ages. They share the various stages of their lives, growing up as kids, and then returning many years later with their own kids.

But few we receive are as lovely as this one and back it up with perfect photographic evidence to prove it.

To the owner of Sundown Park….

Hi there

I just wanted to say that I visited your park yesterday with my husband, son, daughter in law and grandson and we had the best day ever.

I myself have visited your place on several occasions when my boys were under 5.. they are now 34 and 32 .. and I have lovely warm happy feelings of our visits back in the late eighties.

We are all quick to shout negative feedback from the rooftops … but don’t give positive feedback when its due!

From your lovely staff with big smiles on their faces.. to our picnic in the sun ….and our grandson George loving the tractor ride…we had the best day.. so much fun and laughter… after the covid lockdown we were all definitely ready for it.

The two photos I attach are my boys Chris and Gavin with Humpty in 1989 ..and my son and grandson with Humpty y’day..

50 years of Sundown - here's 198950 years of Sundown - here's 2020

(Ps, Has humpty had his eyebrows tattooed and maybe a little rouge added? ?)….

We had so much fun yesterday and back in the 80’s ..and I just want to congratulate yourselves for your hard work and amazing park.

I will be telling everyone what a wonderful magical place Sundown Park is.. our grandson George had the best nights sleep last night…dreaming of the talking dragon, the Yellow Brick road and his lovely tractor ride.

Huge THANK YOU to you and all your staff.

Helen Howarth

Thanks Helen and family. As you can imagine, we’re delighted with that feedback and would always welcome any stories from guests through the generations.