Wild Acre Village comes alive when spring has sprung. Beautiful flowers are bursting through in the beds, the grass is growing like wildfire and the hot tubs look even more welcoming than normal.

We have a team of gardeners, ensuring everywhere looks beautiful for your holiday or mini break, away from it all. They’ve been busy next door at Sundown Adventureland too, and the gardening elves have been planting throughout the park, with many of the flower beds displaying a riot of colour and fragrant smells.

Remember, if you are staying at one of our lodges at Wild Acre Village, you will get FREE tickets for Sundown Adventureland for your entire stay, for the entire family. We don’t quite dare to do the maths, but it probably works out that you get the stay in the lodge free, for the price of your park tickets, over the duration of your break.

You can find out more about Wild Acre Village here.

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