Summertime Fun 2020

1st August 2020 - 31st August 2020


For the whole August 2020, come and join us at our uniquely designed theme park for the under 10’s for our HUGE Summer Fun Festival. There’ll be music, dancing, games and loads of fun with Honey, Sunny and their new best friends, Koko and Kiki.

We’ll be starting the party games at midday and then going on, right through until 5pm. The kids will be shattered from all that fun and adventure!

There will be prizes awarded throughout the day for all sorts of things and these include your own Sundown soft toys from Honey, Sunny, Koko and Kiki to take home. We’ll be dining away a few sneaky sweets to keep the energy levels high for playing too!

It’s our biggest ever Summer Festival with loads of fun for the whole family!

Sundown Adventureland Summer festival Images 2

Start your day with breakfast

We love our breakfast here at Sundown and each of our three cafes offers bacon or Sausage Cobs, as well as the ever-popular hot buttered teacakes to see you through until lunchtime. If you’d like a walk after your drive to Sundown, then head on down to the newly extended Crash Landings. If it’s more Grab’n’Go you’re after, then pop into the Pumpkin Cafe, right there by the entrance in the Market Square. But if you’d like to start the day in a more relaxed way, then ride on down to the Rodeo Corral, on Cowboy Street and say howdy to the coolest (and often quietest) indoor cafe and play area, to grab some brekkie, before you start exploring.

The party starts at 12.00

And goes on until 17.00. So, there’s time in the morning to explore the park and try out the rides. The Olkie Yolkie is brilliantly Eggy fun, but could be a challenge immediately after you’ve eaten. Maybe let the kids learn to drive at the Monkey Mayhem Driving School? With that under their belt, then it’s time to relax and get splashed on the Jolly Pirate Boat Ride before you hop aboard the Rocky Mountain Railroad or Ride the tractors through their fabulous fun route that twists and turns around our park. Get all that done and there’s still loads to see, or just join in the party and dancing.

Love your lunch

Lunch is always fun at Sundown. There’s something for everyone at all of our cafes with sandwiches and loads of hot and cold food options. There are also gorgeous snacks at our pop-up outlets throughout the park, serving doughnuts, Slush, Marshfield Farm ice cream, luscious local fudge and even hand-made Pizza.

And then play some more

After lunch, if you’re done with partying, then maybe treat yourself to a ride through Robin Hood’s Nottinghamshire. It’s been a family favourite for years and when you hop aboard, you’ll see why. We love it and are pretty sure you will too!

When it’s time for home

We would hope that you leave happy and the kids have had an amazing day. We also love it when it’s been stress-free for you too.

So, travel safely and we very much hope to see you here again soon.